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Dental Turkey


The smile is not just an antidote for sadness, it is also politeness. Perfect teeth for the rest of your life is not an opportunity which is not given to anyone.


We offer teeth renovations with porcelain veneers, crowns and titanium dental implants.


Which techniques are the most appropriate, depends on the condition of each tooth. Thus, for one white tooth filling is an attractive solution, while another tooth is better to cover with a porcelain crown.

The cost of dental treatment in Western Europe is much higher than abroad. This is the main reason why many people go for such a treatment to other country, like Turkey.
Get the same quality at much lower prices! Moreover, there is no waiting list, and that allows to fulfil a complete course of dental treatments in one week!


Dental Turkey mediates and assists your dental trip to Turkey. We offer aesthetic dental treatments at very competitive prices.


Thanks to cooperation with dentists, periodontists, and dental surgeons in the center of Antalya we can provide the best service and quality now and in the future!


Our modernly equipped dental practice is located in Turkey, at the center of Antalya. You will be treated by qualified and experienced dentist.


If you want to save on travelling costs as well, you can stay for FREE in one of our comfirtable apartments on the top floor of clinic.


Afraid to go abroad?

Dental Turkey assists you and mediates your dental treatment from the first till the last day of your arrival.
Our personal intermediation will help you to overcome this fear and come back home with beautiful and healthy teeths! 

In short, the whole organization of your staying abroad is for us: 

  • We will take care of all the transport between your hotel and the hospital
  • A bilingual intermediator stays with you during the whole treatment and takes care of your well-being.
  • We stay in touch with you during the whole trip.
  • The treatment is preceded by a free detailed diagnosis, and only starts after your agreement with the plan of treatment and the estimate.
  • No advance is required. Only when the treatment is completed and your are totally satisfied, the payment follows.
  • Your dental insurance may partially or fully reimburse the dental costs. We strongly recommend you to check it out in advance.
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